Who is Ninestar

Ninestar opened its first factory in Zhuhai, China, in June 2000, a sub-company of Ninestar Corporation and quickly established itself as the aftermarket industry’s leading innovator. Ninestar has focused on developing inkjet, toner, ribbon cassettes and printer related products. Their quality products and services are distributed to over 100 countries.

Ninestar is recognized as the leading third-party supplier thanks to its commitment to innovation, bringing to the market the industry’s most technologically advanced products.

Largest Aftermarket Production Facility
  • Ninestar’s headquarters boasts a 450 000m2 production facility with 154 separate production lines with 6400 different SKUs offered.
  • Their factory has the capacity to produce 20 million toner cartridges annually along with 100 million ink cartridges and 30 million ribbon cartridges.
Technological Industrial Park
  • 900 000m² Industrial Park for production of laser printing devices and related products

  • Featuring intelligent manufacturing, smart logistics, modern facilities, and state of the art manufacturing equipment

Development of the most modern print Centre currently under construction.

Group Company

Ninestar has become the largest printing compatible consumables manufacturer, the only manufacturer with an OEM background in the aftermarket.

Powerful Patent Technology

Ninestar Corporation owns more than 4330 independent patents and 1150 pending patents, far more than any other manufacturer, marketing third party supplies.

Authorised Patents for Invention
Authorised Patents for Utility
Authorised Patents for Design
Software Copyright and IC Layout Design
Patents in Application

Ninestar has invested extensively in its ability to quickly bring to market the industry’s most technologically advanced products. Ninestar now has the industry’s broadest product portfolio and offers a comprehensive line of both hardware and consumables. Although the company is the world’s largest aftermarket firm, Ninestar continues to grow through innovation. Ninestar has consistently stayed one step ahead of the competition by being first to market with ground-breaking new technologies and offering its customers products that its competition can only dream about.

Robotic Automation Manufacturing

Ninestar has achieved a higher degree of hybrid automated production than any industry third party supplies brand. This automation dramatically increases Accuracy, Consistency, and Efficiency resulting in a product that delivers on Performance and Reliability. Ninestar has 32 automated production lines and has a 99.6 success rate for their fully automated production lines and a 98.6 success rate on their semi-automated production lines. With more stable and reliable cartridges with a near-zero failure rate and perfect performance.


Technological innovation is the driving force behind the rapid growth of Ninestar. Ninestar has 9 research and development centres worldwide with world-class R&D laboratories. That has resulted in a competitive advantage through a rich portfolio of patents. G&G continues to increase their investments into research and development as well as patent technology as it’s the respect of the OEM’s intellectual property that drives G&G in their patent technology.