G & G
The G&G Brand

Today, Ninestar’s G&G branded products set the gold standard for third-party consumables and are recognized around the world for their superior performance and reliability.

G&G is Ninestars premium global brand using only superior materials in the production of their products. G&G boasts the most comprehensive product portfolio.


G&G stands for Good Products and Good Printing. The double G icon signifies the promise of both pursuit of quality and passion for continuous technological innovation.

G&G represent their brand with the emperor penguin, the emperor penguin is an endangered species.

They wish to encourage customers to take care of our planet. The penguin also symbolizes courage, passion, elegance, environmentally friendly and social, the same characteristics that represent the identity of G&G.

The emperor penguins are known for their loyalty and G&G drives the spirit of loyalty. In the penguin community, if two penguins identify as spouses, they will remain loyal to their partner forever.

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Premium Global Brand

Ninestar works with the industries top raw materials suppliers to ensure that the critical components used in all G&G products meet the highest quality standards.

Great products require great components, so from start to finish Ninestar strictly tracks the quality and performance of what goes into everything sold under the G&G brand.

Critical Raw Material Quality Inspection
  • Multi inspection procedures
  • Core components 100% inspection
  • World class lab and precise testing equipment
  • Strict detection and control of hazardous substances
  • Safety of raw materials

Due to Ninestar’s unrivalled innovation their customers have come to rely on what G&G has to offer, allowing them to keep the competitive edge needed to grow and thrive in such a competitive market.

A proven track record of continuously breaking new technological ground has allowed certain compatible toner cartridges manufactured by Ninestar to operate much more efficiently than the equivalent OEM products. Ninestar’s imaging system achieved a toner rate of 98.9% with improved page yields and a more environmentally friendly product.

Ninestars customers know they will not lose money to the competition because of a lack of a new cartridge from Ninestar. Time and again, Ninestar has been first to market with the latest great performing, non-infringing products.


We are so confident in our products we provide an Industry Leading Unmatched Two-Year Manufacturers Warranty to back up our claims.
Ninestar is the only aftermarket manufacturer of compatible consumables, to provide an industry leading 2-year warranty.

With Ninestar’s core printing technologies, the use of premium materials, and taking measures to strictly control the production processes, G&G’s products provide more stable performance and a longer printing life, without harming the printer. G&G brings a new level of Reliability and Performance.

Blue Drive Technology

Ninestar was the first in the aftermarket industry to release a non-infringing version of the OEM’s unique gear. Based on its internally developed design, the firm was able to engineer a non-twisted alternative to the OEM’s twisted prism design. Ninestar has improved its gear so that non infringing G&G-branded cartridges can be inserted and removed from a printer as effortlessly as changing an OEM cartridge.

Chip Firmware Technology

Ninestar recognized the threat that chips posed for the company as well as the aftermarket industry as a whole and soon developed its own non-infringing chips.

Ninestar’s customers also gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their business will not be adversely affected by any intellectual property (IP) issues. As an OEM itself, Ninestar is especially respectful of other OEMs’ patents and IP.

OEM’s will continue to defend their market share by using chip firmware upgrades as a deterrent to third party manufacturers.

This is extremely complicated for dealers who hold stock. The traditional way to correct a firmware upgrade is costly, complicated, time consuming and frustrating for everyone, including your customers.

Ninestars Chip firmware technology allows for the chip to be upgraded without having to open the packaging, it is Ninestars brand new, innovative, and patented solution.

This Is How We Do It
Quality Control

Ninestar implements a 5 step quality control procedure which ensures absolute quality in every G&G cartridge.


G&G products are certified by the highest industry standards ensuring that the products are safe, reliable, and certified. Compliance is the core of all G&G products.

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